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Fighting Epic War 4

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Played: 455 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: Epic War has many series and versions that are made to be played. One of these series is the Epic War 4. This game features and introduces 5 heroes that are unique from each other. These heroes have their own combat ability.

All of these heroes have to finish 12 stages to finish from. Before entering the first stage, the player should choose from three modes; the normal, the hard and the epic mode. There are also four extra stages that can be played as an additional challenge.

In the 5 levels that are played in the early process of Epic War 4, there are 20 units to choose from. There are also 12 spells that are different from each other. In the 12 stages of the game, there are four bosses that the player should defeat.

The control of Epic War 4 is very easy to manipulate. The arrows of the keyboard are used as the movement of the character. To select the heroes, the keys A, S and D are used. This game does not require the help of mouse in the control. The mouse is only used to select the mode and to drag heroes to use.

Most players of this game made positive reviews and very satisfied about playing this game in UFriv. These players are impressed about the graphics and other contents of the game.

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