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Fighting King Of Fighters Wing 1.7

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Played: 1,302 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: This game is surely the best there is right now as far as martial arts fighting is concern. The King of Fighters Wing 1.7 is amazing with all the kicks, punches and other fighting abilities. Also add up the famous martial arts character like Ryu , Kyo and more and it’s going to be a heck of a fight. The controls are simple but be sure to learn all the controls before playing to make it much easier. You will be selecting 12 characters with different fighting styles. This will make you more interested to play. The King of Fighters Wing 1.7 will surely be loved by gamers and kids that likes to control their favourite characters. Also you can have fun while spending some time and relax with your family and friends.

The King of Fighters Wing 1.7 has a two player mode that you can play with your family or friends. It’s another reason to bond with your friends. Defeating them and winning all the time will make it more interesting. For short, King of Fighters Wing 1.7 is cool and awesome. UFriv surely know how to pick the best games today. Try and play it for sure you will love this game. Fight and fight until you defeat them all.

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