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Fighting King of Fighters Death Match

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Played: 827 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: This is a king of fighter game but you only play the character Kyo. This game is all about the fighting skills of Kyo. You will be facing Kyo as an opponent. That’s the sad part of this game but if you are a Kyo fan, this is your chance to play and practice this character. The martial arts moves of Kyo are really amazing. The flying kicks the punches are awesome. King of Fighters Death Match is surely a death match for Kyo because whoever wins Kyo will always be the loser.

The King of Fighters Death Match is for those gamers that only want to play Kyo and practice him. This is the point of this game and also to improve their fighting skills at the same time. The controls of King of Fighters Death Match are simple and have no problems. It’s not as great as the other king of fighter’s games but good for Kyo fans. Another UFriv game that king of fighters fans will play for sure. The game is simple and easy to play so what are you waiting for try king of fighters death match. See and experience the fun of this game.

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