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Fighting Mortal Kombat Karnage

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Played: 606 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: The Mortal Combat Karnage is back with a new fighting game style. Mortal combat is one of the popular fighting games all over the world. This game brings fighting to a new level. The game has single and two player’s mode. In the singles mode you can choose from practice or arcade mode. If you choose arcade mode you will be choosing one of the five characters. Then after you have your character, you will now play in novice mode but you can also adjust from easy, normal, hard or insane opponents. Then after choosing your destiny you will fight opponents each time you win a match.

Mortal Combat Karnage brings out the best in gamers fighting skills. All the finest moves and skills are really awesome. The new moves make it really cool while having a match. Even the background is amazing because it is infinite and has no corners. This is another great mortal combat game for sure. Mortal Combat Karnage is a fighting game to play and have fun while killing your opponents with fatality moves. This is another UFriv game that gamers will always play. Be sure to check this game out and play until you defeat all the enemies.

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