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Fighting King Of Fighters v 1.3

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Played: 574 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: King of Fighters v1.3 is a martial arts game that will surely amaze the one who plays it. You can choose from 6 characters that you will control and fight against the computer or with another player. One of the famous street fighter characters is in this game, Ryu. There are 4 other characters that are not yet available for playing, and one of them is Chun Lee, another famous street fighter character. This game is all about combat and abilities to defeat the opponent. Action packed game and with all the kicks and punches you will never get bored at all.

King of Fighters v1.3 is really exciting to play and addicting because of its gameplay. The more you play each character the more thrills it will give you. Each match will surely give you an adrenaline to fight again and again. The controls are simple and easy to memorize, so there’s no problem in playing. King of Fighters v1.3 will give you a fun and exciting game for sure. Another game listed in UFriv that you will surely take a look and play with all over again. Try it now and you will get hyped in this game.

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