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Fighting Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Played: 484 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is a game that is sponsored by a website called UFriv. UFriv is a website that provides many different kinds of game that people around the world will really love to play. One of their games is the Epic Fantasy Battle 3.

This game is a really nice and cool game that many players will really enjoy. The game has a really nice graphics and it is very clear.

The story of the game is about 3 main characters that have different super powers. Their powers were stolen by a demon god. Now they are in a journey that the main goal is to defeat the demon god and bring back their powers. Players will help them fight the different stages and levels that they choose. They will also fight different monsters and encounter them in their way. There are also quest that they need to perform in order to have nice equipments and have better gear that will be used to kill the monsters in their way. The players will control the 3 main characters at the same time. The game is really easy and very awesome. It has a nice game play method that many people will really like. It is exciting and adventurous.

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