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Fighting Epic Battle Fantasy

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Played: 540 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: If you are looking for a fresh approach on role-playing games (RPGs), Epic Battle Fantasy is the one you are looking for. The game features battles against tentacle monsters and slimes using skills that are made out of pure creativity. By that, it is gaining popularity among gamers and one way to seek this game is through UFriv.

In Epic Battle Fantasy, you are going to play both as a warrior and a white maiden mage. Your goal in this game is to reach the game’s end as you beat all enemies and bosses. You can use various attacks raging from special blade attacks, spells, and even the use of summoning creatures to assist you in your battles.

The game will challenge your skill as ending the game is not that easy. In boss’ stage, the creatures that you’ll be up against have millions of HP and commonly resist some of the attacks that you do to them.

Epic Battle Fantasy in UFriv graphics is fair. Some of the music in that game is riffed from some common games you know such as Zelda as well as Final Fantasy. But overall, the game is an innovation to the industry of RPG and deserves to be played by many.

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