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Fighting Dragon Ball fighting 2

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Played: 538 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: Free gaming has never been this good as the world famous anime series dubbed as Dragon Ball made its way to UFriv. The internet had accounts that there are several free games created in tribute for this martial arts themed anime. But the Dragon Ball Fighting 2 is not your typical gaming experience.

Many are familiar with Dragon Ball Fighting 2’s earlier versions. If you are one who had played this awesome free game on UFriv, you are aware that this game is addictive because of two aspects; the game has simple game mechanics as well as easy to maneuver yet challenging and mind blowing. Dragon Ball Fighting 2 still works like that but there are innovations that are seen.

Added characters can be seen as well as added modes and levels are to be discovered. This two player game had successfully made it more addictive compared to the previous versions of the game.

Although the impact of the game is traced by the fact that even before this game entered into business, it is already famed as an anime but having this game takes gamers into a deeper experience of what the world of Dragon Ball is all about.

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