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Fighting KOF Fighting

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Played: 482 times
Added: 16 April 2012
Added by: ankit.
Description: The King of Fighter game is back. This is way better than the other King of Fighter game. The KOF Fighting has lots of modes that you can adjust and play. You will be playing KOF fighters and you can also buy new characters in the store. There are single and two player’s game mode. After choosing the character you like you will be picking if you are going to play survival mode, tutorial mode or challenge mode. Then after that you fight in different levels after each time you win a match. You will fight lots of enemies each level and the boss after all of them are defeated. The KOF fighting is really fun and the fighting style is cool.

The controls are easy and you will be taught before the game starts. The best part in KOF Fighting is the game style that they can offer the gamers. It’s not all fight you can also buy players so that you can play them. You can only buy them if they appeared in the match. This game is surely one of the coolest games that UFriv can offer gamers. Try it now and play the game to see what’s new in KOF fighting.

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